Anni and Bruce Chenoweth

Anni (A) & Bruce (B)

Hello and WELCOME to ABCompany.com--the online HUB for Natural Health and Wellness information, products and services that our research indicates to be the best, most effective and most affordable for humans and the animals that we care for. It is our sincere expectation that you will find life-enhancing and life-saving ideas in the pages and links that you will discover herein.

Both Anni and Bruce have been the beneficiaries of many of the blessings that are “paid forward” through this and the associated information, companies, people, products and services. They are eternally grateful for those who cared enough about them, and humanity in general, to have endowed them with everything that contributed to healing their bodies from all the diseases and damages which had previously threatened their lives–including, but not limited to various forms of cancer, immune deficiencies, crushed and collapsed lungs, crushed, dislocated heart, alkaline deficiency, nutritional deficiencies, intestinal damage and blockage, etc. Without the sharing of caring benefactors, neither Anni nor Bruce would be alive to pass what they have learned on to you.

free-circleAlthough what you receive here is given as a “free” gift to all who will receive it, in order to attain its full benefits there is a price that you must pay. You must apply what you learn, improve upon it when possible, then pass it forward to the benefit of others.

To begin to trust what you will learn here you must first learn to trust yourself. You come equipped with an impeccable connection to what has been called the “Book of All Knowledge.” This seems to be an accessible record of everything that has happened, is happening and that will happen. Interestingly, this book seems to be “written in pencil,” meaning that the future–and possibly even the past–can be changed by our will, our choices, and our actions. But, more about that in the future. For now what is important is for you to learn how to TEST to determine that which enhances you and that which diminishes you. It is recommended that you advance now to the page called “Testing.”

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