Your cellular crap shoot: How to ‘load’ your dice …

Snake eyes--you loseEven if you never go to a casino or the track, you gamble continuously throughout every day–and the stakes are much higher than anything you could ever risk at any gaming establishment.

The cells throughout your body are dividing and being replaced all the time. Although this is substantially great news, it doesn’t happen without risk.

The bad news is, with each division comes the risk of aberrant mutation, potentially resulting in cancer, heart failure and any number of other life-threatening diseases.

This risk of this aberrant mutation blows up exponentially in the presence of:

  • radiation,
  • infection,
  • chemical irritation,
  • free radicals,
  • physical damage,
  • nutritional imbalance,
  • worry and other negative thinking,
  • stress

This list of adverse influences can be simply categorized as “living.”

The good news is that our bodies come equipped with an immune system and an endocrine system which, when adequately supported, detect and either repair or destroy the aberrant health-harming cells.

Genetically, under ideal conditions, the protection and maintenance of our bodies could go on forever. But ideal conditions do not happen by accident.

Thinking back to our gambling analogy, the game of life is set up to favor “the house”–the house being Planet Earth. If no-one were to “lose,” over-crowding and planetary famine would quickly become the number one challenge.

Similarly, if no-one lost in a casino, there would be no funds to operate it with, and the casino would quickly shut down …

loaded diceBut, there are a small number of individuals who always win in casinos.

These “winners” are the few people who have extensively studied the games and the odds, and know what strategies to use to win much more often than they lose.

This is the same when it come to the game of healthful, extended living. There are a few people who have extensively studied that which supports life, and that which threatens it. They know what it takes to win.

THESE are the people who those of us who choose to live long, active, effective lives are well advised to follow and emulate.

These people begin by making choices which result in the habits of:

  • choosing all foods and beverages based upon their effectiveness to support the structures and functions of our bodies,
  • avoiding all substances which are harmful to our bodies,
  • taking actions to remove whatever harmful substances get past our defenses,
  • finding and consuming substances known as “Superfoods, ” (i.e. certain mushrooms and Aloe vera inner leaf gel) which provide extraordinary levels of protection and repair,
  • keeping their minds constantly busy expecting, seeking and recognizing solutions to all health challenges,
  • embedding what they have learned by sharing it with/teaching it to others
  • enhancing and expanding their knowledge by listening to, studying and testing the ideas of other seekers.

It is the purpose of the Simple Natural Health Tips almost-daily e-mail broadcast to sleuth out the best-of-the-best health-supporting ideas, services and products, and to share these with everyone who understands that the best way to win the crap-game of life is to load their dice with accurate knowledge.

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