Evidence Association

Recently a brilliant young man named Riley Danes shared an idea for effectively providing evidence to our subconscious mind that certain intentions were factual reality.

More simply stated, it “tricks” our mind into converting goals into achievements using a technique used by effective hypnotists that I call “evidence association.”

The way it works is to:

  • Draw attention to something that your experience recognizes as being true.
  • Follow that by creating a confirming experience of that which is true.
  • Tag on a suggestion of something that you intend to become true, stated as if it already is true.

An example would be:

  • “Notice how you are breathing.” (If you were not breathing, you would be dead.)
  • “Take a deep breath, then let it out slowly.” (If you do this, it becomes evidence of truth.)
  • “As you exhale, notice that you relax deeply, releasing all the stress that you felt before.” (Hey, everything was true up to this point–no reason to doubt this part.)

What Riley pointed out is that this kind of evidence association could be attached to everything that we do throughout the day, such as:

  • “I allow myself to flip this light switch to on.”
  • Flip the light switch on. (Evidence of the truth of the statement.)
  • “I allow myself to receive XX thousand dollars net personal income each and every month.”

Having been a student and practitioner of hypnotism for nearly 50 years now, this hit me as “That is brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Riley further suggests that we attach little notes to all of our light switches, door knobs, etc. to remind ourselves to employ this idea repeatedly throughout the day as we do the mundane things that serve as indisputable evidence that what we say is what comes true.

I have taken this idea one step further, and have added “I choose” before the “allow” in the statement. Long ago I learned that it was my choices that most impacted my life. So I now wander around my home and yard reciting variants of:

  • “I choose and allow myself to flip this light switch to on.”
  • Flip the light switch on (providing evidence of the truth of the statement).
  • “I choose and allow myself to have the best possible health at all times, and to live at least to a vibrant, robust and brilliant 140 years.”

Remembering that thoughts are things, likely more real than what we perceive to be real, and that it is our clear intentions that move us into our future, I cannot imagine any exercise that is more important to be doing with our minds.

Give it a shot. Make a bunch of little tags that say “I choose and allow myself to ____.” and tape them to every light switch, door knob, remote control, dresser drawer, etc. throughout your home, automobile and workplace to embed the concept into your brain.

If your critical thinking mind is telling you that it is silly, and probably won’t work, you can begin with “I choose and allow myself to make this silly sounding idea work wonders for me.”




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