Being Healthy Is Not Normal!

Excellent health is so foreign of an experience to most people that they misinterpret their moderate states of illness as ‘health.’


A few days ago a friend said “My doctor told me that I was so healthy it’s disgusting!”


Considering that this friend takes medications each day for …

  • heart function,
  • high blood pressure,
  • water retention,
  • diabetes,
  • constipation,
  • cramping,
  • insomnia
  • headaches,
  • low energy,
  • lack of concentration,

… then it seems to me that its his doctor’s interpretive skills and integrity that are disgusting!


Hi, I’m Bruce Wesley Chenoweth–formerly a Forensic Scientist, now turned Health Advocate and Coach. I’ve been trying to understand how surviving day to day, dependent on a plethora of toxic chemicals has become the new medical standard for good health.

In contrast …

Contrast the life experience that you imagine my so-called “disgustingly healthy” friend must have to this somewhat different standard of health:

  • The only pills you consume are organic, chelated nutritional supplements for balancing deficiencies in the locally available fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep comes to you quickly upon retiring. Deep, restful sleep continues uninterrupted unless a situation occurs that requires your attention.
  • You awaken quickly and easily. Your eyes and your mind are bright and clear. You are enthusiastically eager to experience this new day.
  • All of your muscles are fully pliable and comfortable, having fully regenerated while you slept. The concept of awakening with any soreness is completely foreign to you.
  • You recognize your thirst and crave only clean water for re-hydration.
  • Although you may enjoy a morning shower, it is not necessary. You mind is already completely alert, and your body odor is always pleasant to yourself and others.
  • Breakfast is a piece of fresh fruit. Your body functions so effectively and efficiently that this will provide the nourishment needed for many hours.
  • If you commute to a place of work, your awareness remains in the here and now rather than thinking ahead to what is to happen later.
  • As you meet and greet others throughout the day you interact on the level of appreciation and acceptance that is always present in your consciousness.
  • Other people always feel better when they are in your presence.
  • You are completely unable to relate to the experience of feeling ill or weak.
  • Your experience with “cold and flu season” is that it is some sort of ancient religious myth still practiced by the unenlightened.
  • Caffeine and other stimulants bring you down to a lower level, so you avoid them.
  • The only “food” you find in many restaurants is the little sprig of parsley on the edge of the plate, and the decorative kale placed around the edges of the salad bar. Finding fresh spinach and mixed baby greens in the salad bar promotes any restaurant to a 5-star rating in your book.
  • You experience a surge of energy following lunch which enables you get much accomplished while most people are slumped over in their chairs.
  • To you, the phrase “well equipped kitchen” means both a Vitamix and a Champion juicer.
  • Following a “hard day of work,” you joyfully engage in your favorite physical activity, like walking for 18 holes of golf, or mowing your half-acre of lawn with a push mower, or pumping some iron and doing cardio.
  • Before retiring, you give thanks for the blessing of true health, and the awareness of how it is manifested, then,
  • Sleep comes to you quickly …

Sound good?

For some strange reason, many people prefer the pill-poppin’ constantly uncomfortable version of life.

BUT, if you are “one of us,” and the truly healthy alternative sounds better to you, you are invited to join those of us who improve our health, one simple natural health tip at a time.

Better and better health is an ongoing process, one simple choice–one simple act–one simple step at a time.

The daily Simple Natural Health Tips e-mail broadcast is intended to provide you with gentle reminders to make those choices, actions and steps every day, leading ultimately to a long, healthy, joyful life.

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