Bruce On Farm 300x300Hi, I’m Bruce Wesley Chenoweth, a very healthy, non-smoking senior citizen from New Plymouth, Idaho. I enjoy robust health at age seventy-two. My lungs are clear and strong. But it wasn’t always that way …

I began smoking cigarettes about sixty-eight years ago when I was four years young. It was seldom at first–just a cigarette or two every few days. By the time I was six I could “roll my own” with Velvet pipe tobacco and brown cigarette papers, just like Dad. By the age of thirteen I was up to a pack a day. Back then it seemed like I was one of the “cool guys.” By age fifteen I began to realize that I had a very un-cool problem.

VelvetTobaccoThe problem wasn’t “quitting” smoking. Quitting was easyI did it thousands of times. The problem was how to not start smoking again—which I usually did within two days. Sometimes within two hours.

By the time I was twenty-five I was smoking over three packs a day. I would go to sleep coughing. I would wake up coughing. I would cough up blood. I couldn’t run across the street to our mailbox without being out of breath, and my lungs ached.

My lungs ached most of the time. My pride and self respect ached even more. Every time I would quit I swore that would be the last time. Every time I started smoking again, I swore at myself—at my complete lack of will-power, self-discipline and self-respect. I began to believe that someone as weak-willed as me may just as well be dead anyway.

supernova-300wThen I had a super-nova epiphany about smoking!

During some studying I was doing for another reason I was struck by a flash of enlightenment! I realized that the way I had been approaching the problem was exactly opposite of what it would take to end the smoking habit. I could see that all my efforts to quit were actually imprinting the smoking habit deeper and stronger into my behavioral patterns. The act of trying to quit was backfiring! It was forcing me back to smoking!

I began to intensely study and ponder this revelation. I devised experiments with ideas for a program which would reverse the circumstances which led me to be a smoker in the first place. It was like turning back the effects of time, yet leaving myself with the gained wisdom of how ridiculously inappropriate smoking is.

It took forty-one days of “tweaking” the process before I suddenly realized at ten o:clock one morning that it had worked! I had, once again, become a non-smoker. I knew at that moment the change was PERMANENT. I no longer had any cravings for or interest in tobacco. That has remained true for over forty-five years

That joyous transition occurred in 1969.  The program has proven itself again and again throughout those years. Many others have successfully applied the process in it’s refined form. Some have even become non-smokers in just one or two days, never to smoke again.

Changing Your Mind About SmokingSeveral years ago I spelled the whole process out in an easy-to-apply workbook titled “Changing Your Mind About Smoking.” It was printed and sold through the big bookstores for several years (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc). It is now available as an e-book that you can download to your computer, phone or tablet in just minutes. The price is so low that no smoker can afford to pass it up.

If you think about the VALUE of becoming a non-smoker, it is much, much more than just the tens of thousands of dollars that you will save in the future by not having to buy tobacco. The price for the workbook is less than $20, and it comes with a RISK FREE money-back guarantee. If you work through the book and do not become a non smoker, I will fully refund what you paid me for it. I have offered this no-risk guarantee since the book was released, and not a single person has ever asked for their money back. Suffice to know that you WILL become a non-smoker, and that I will therefore be keeping your money.

Go check it out now! There is nothing to lose except your smoking habit, and there is better health, longevity and self-respect to be gained from becoming a non-smoker. Just click HERE to learn more and get immediate access to the workbook.

This isn’t just for your lungs–every cell in your body will thank you for doing it!

Happy breathing,

P.S. The same process can be used to control your weight, build up your physique, get an advanced degree, attract an ideal mate, or make any other positive change you choose to bring into your life. Just substitute whatever you are choosing in place of the the references to tobacco. Just click HERE NOW.

P.P.S. Why not also use the transformation into a non-smoker as an investment opportunity? There is an App called “Acorns” that will incrementally divert all that money that you formerly used for tobacco into a savings and investment program. Changing your mind about smoking could also contribute a great deal of wealth to your retirement portfolio. Given how much longer you will likely live when you are a non-smoker, the extra retirement money will come in handy!

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