Testing: A Built-in Truth Detector

lie-detectorQuite a few years ago I was attending a very intensive human potential seminar. On the afternoon of the 5th day we paired up for an exercise called “Natural Knowing.” I chose to partner with a young lady that I knew nothing about, but who I had felt an attraction for. There were several women in the group of hundreds who seemed more physically attractive to me, but there was “something” about her. She confessed that she had felt a similar attraction toward me.

During the exercise the lights were lowered and we followed a relaxation technique. Our instructions were then to “know” about someone that our partner knew well, but that we did not know at all. We were given only the person’s name–nothing more. Our partner was to respond to our “visions” only with either “that is correct” or “that is not my experience.”

When I heard her friends name I immediately got an image of a young lady about her age and build. I described her, and received a “that is correct.” Big deal–similar people tend to hang out together.

My partner asked about the home that she lived in. I described a three bedroom, one bath single-level home, including the floor plan and a large clock that hung on the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. I received a series of “that is correct”s. Still not a big deal–that was a very common floor plan, and that wall definitely needed something to be hanging on it. Still, I noticed my partner’s excitement level begin to rise as I spoke.

Then she asked me about her friend’s car. I saw a powder blue VW “Beetle” parked outside the home. I described the car, mentioning a crumpled right front fender that somehow seemed important. At that point my partner lost it. Rather than the prescribed “that is correct,” she responded with “Oh!, My God! I was with her when she had that accident! How did you know about that?” It was, indeed, a powder blue VW “Beetle.”

Even though it had been the whole point of the exercise to awaken the “natural knowing”–our inherent ability to peek into what the Eastern world calls the “Akashic Records” which are said to “float in the Ether that surrounds the Earth,” my degree of accuracy about her friend startled both of us to the degree that we were unable to relax enough to continue the process. When it was her turn, she was unable to think about anything other than what had just happened.

That was not the first time I had been aware of a so-called “psychic connection” with others. My mother somehow always knew what I was up to. She was at home watering her many plants when I wrecked my first car. It was exactly 6:00 PM when my 1949 Chevy Club Coupe’ impacted the rear end of a brand new 1957 Ford Sunliner convertible. At that moment, my mother dropped her watering can, turned to my father and said “My God! Bruce was just in an accident!”

I had attempted to put that all behind me in favor of the “scientific” approach. Mathematical equations–statistical probability–double-blind studies and all that. Yet “woo-woo” not only continued to happen in my life, it’s accuracy and dependability was apparently out-performing the scientific approach. The only true value the scientific approach seemed to have was to help me connect the dots to what I already intuitively knew.

When I was introduced to “muscle testing” and “push-pull indications” the concept of “more woo-woo” quickly dissolved into the uncanny accuracy of this magical process. Of course, I had to have a “scientific” explanation of the phenomenon before I could fully accept it, regardless of the “proof is in the pudding” method of self-confirmation.

Here is a quick video demonstration of both muscle testing and push-pull:

If this fascinates you, there are many books on the subject. It was “discovered” being used as a highly accurate lie-detection method in the judicial systems of England. The most “far-out” yet stunningly accurate description of what is possible using this method  that I have found is in the book “Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D.

As it applies to natural health, testing can indicate to you which foods, supplements, medicines, doctors, friends, politicians, religions, etc. are beneficial to your health and well being, and which of these are detrimental. What is especially cool is that it is always with you, and it is free.

I recommend that you use these testing methods frequently throughout every day. I will warn you, however, to never use them with respect to your cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or your spouse, as you may not like the results. Coffee was previously included in this “don’t test” list, but now that a healthy coffee is available, we highly recommend it.

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