“You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty” Takeaways

Chapter 1

  • Dry mouth is not the only indication of thirst. It is one of the LAST indications.
  • By the time dry mouth indicates thirst, many delicate functions of the body have been shut down.
  • Dehydration causes life-threatening crises.
  • Dehydration causes aging and a wide variety of disease.
  • Dehydration aging causes loss of the ability to recognize thirst.
  • There is no manufactured fluid that can take the place of pure water.
  • Recognizing the medical need for water severely interferes with profits in the drug and beverage industries.
  • The earth is round, not flat; the body requires water, not contrived medications.
  • Concept proven in a 2 year, 7 month study in an Iranian prison.
  • Water does not require FDA approval.
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical do not cure … they temporarily mask and silence symptoms and cause long-term damage.

Chapter 2

  • The (healthy) body is about 75% water, only 25% solid. Pharmacology focuses on the 25% solid, essentially ignoring the 75%.
  • Knowledge of the importance of water is closely guarded in order to sell more drugs.
  • Land-based creatures have a drought-management system in order to adapt to transient dehydration.
  • Stress triggers the water regulation processes which continues until “unmistakable signals” of adequate water availability.
  • Body functions are rationed water based on functional importance. The brain takes absolute priority.
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol and manufactured beverages rid the body of the water they are dissolved in, plus take additional water from reserves.
  • Many, if not all disease symptoms are alarms that organs are malfunctioning due to insufficient water.
  • “While the various signals produced by the water distributors and drought managers indicate regional thirst and drought, and can naturally and simply be relieved by an increased intake of water, they are, instead, often improperly and ignorantly dealt with by highly potent chemical products. Because many doctors are not educated about the symptoms of dehydration and the importance of the fluid in the body, they often diagnose the problem incorrectly. Many physicians mistake dehydration for one or another disease and treat the symptom with medication rather than water. The result: Pharmaceutical companies get rich, patients are not cured, and doctors are helpless in dealing with often recurring disease states of the body.”

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