To Do

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  1. Transfer all products from CubeCart, which is a horrible shopping cart, to the new ones.
    1. Updating/improving images of products, etc.
    2. Re-writing the copy for most products
  2. Viewing the Chris Farrell Membership tutorials again,
    1. following all the steps and taking notes this time
  3. New SNHT post
  4. Re-read “The Science Behind Aloe: The Healing Plant” with notes

In Process:

  1. Study BiAloe® and Acemannan for Ad Copy
  2. Write better copy for Neuro Nutrimens
  3. Compose letter to Verapol customers

To Do:

  1. Study Neuro Nutrimens value
  2. Study Endocrine Nutrimens value
  3. Write copy for Endocrine Nutrimens
  4. Compose Simple Natural Health TIPS for upcoming week
  5. Reverse inner back door and weatherstrip
  6. Catch up on pending CC lessons

Daily and Ongoing:

  1. Scan e-mails, texts and other messages for urgent items:
    1. Customer support issues
    2. New orders
    3. Time-sensitive inquiries
  2. Continuing Education
    1. Duolingo español
    2. Reading/Listening/Viewing:
      1. Free Lead Generation – Michelle Brubaker
      2. The Advertising Solution – Craig Simpson, Brian Kurtz

Doing It–In process:

  1. Truck to Brian for repairs (Waiting for snow to melt, then for Brian’s call)
  2. Update all websites (In process, as WordFence notifications come in)
  3. Cat door, phase III

To Do Projects:

  1. New tarp over RoadRunner
    1. Build up center with foam tubes?
  2. Move canopy frame to cover camper
    1. Find and fill water level
    2. Set 8 posts at 2′ above ground
  3. Unroll. measure and mark carpet pieces
  4. Complete carpet install in conversation area
  5. Install carpet/runner from entry
  6. Build shed roof for shop entry

More Books to Read:

  • Ask – Ryan Levesque
  • Obvious Adams – Robert R. Updegraff
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg
  • The Seven Lost Secrets of Success – Joe Vitale
See the almost complete listing of ABCompany’s Web Sites HERE

Ask – Ryan Levesque


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